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Hepatitis C Quicknotes: Genotype 1

for Health Care Providers

Antiviral Treatment Strategy

Genotype 1

  1. Peginterferon alfa 2a (Pegasys) 180 mcg SC once weekly (regardless of weight) OR
  2. Peginterferon alfa 2b (PEG-Intron) 1.5 mcg/kg SC once weekly up to 150 mcg/week (see chart below) AND
  3. PEG-IFN alfa 2b Dosing
    WT (lbs)Vial Size (µg/0.5mL)PEG dose (mL)
  4. Ribavirin (Rebetol, Copegus)
    WT (lbs)Total Daily DosageDosing Schedule
    ≤1651,000 mg QD2 (200 mg) tablets PO morning
    3 (200 mg) tablets PO evening
    >1651,200 mg QD3 (200 mg) tablets PO BID
  6. Duration of therapy
    • If 4-week HCV RNA undetectable (RVR), 24 weeks may be sufficient
    • If no RVR, but 12-week HCV RNA undetectable or decreased by >2 log 10 (EVR), 48 weeks is sufficient
    • If no RVR or EVR, extending duration to 72 weeks may be beneficial if HCV RNA undetectable at week 24 (if patient has advanced fibrosis and depending on tolerance of therapy)

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